Human Genome Project: Decoding The Human Blueprint

You can take a personality test to learn a bit about your own nature. When you look in the mirror you can start to learn about your appearance. There countless ways we as humans can analyze ourselves. How about analyzing the genetic sequence that makes us who we are?

Today, we’re going to learn about the amazing science and story behind the Human Genome Project, where scientists across the world came together to sequence all of the DNA in humans.

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Nuclear Fission: Unleashing The Power Of The Atom

When thinking about discoveries that have changed the world, most of the time it’s for the better. However, there are some discoveries where you wonder if the world would have been better off without them. One of these is the ability to harness the power of nuclear fission. This gave us the ability to unleash almost unlimited fury and destruction on a global scale with the atomic bomb. Today, were going to learn the interesting story behind what led scientists to figure out how to split atoms along with a bit about how it works.

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Plant Breeding: How Scientists Used Plant Genetics to Catapult Agriculture

All life forms need to get energy from somewhere. That’s a pretty simple concept. For humans, we get our energy from food which is used by the body to carry out all of the various operations going at any given moment. Today, we’re going to learn the fascinating story of how plant breeding emerged as a science to make plants better in every way to feed the world.

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